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complicated situation, Can't locate my account number

Joining in

As above, Cant find my account number and talkin on the phone to a CSR is practically impossible due to me severe anxiety and stress. My current situation is very complex and fairly personal. Can someone please help?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi John_Crellin 

If you have ebilling then you can find your account number and area number towards the bottom of the email VM send to say that your latest bill is ready.

You can also find your account number by logging into and clicking on either View Bill or View Contract.

Your account number should also be available on your bank statement if you pay by direct debit. On my bank statement there are 12 numerical digits showing, the account number is the first 9 digits.

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Hello Dave,

I did say this was complicated. My wife of 24 years announced in March that she's going her own way. I was paying the bill (I still am) but it goes through her email. So no emails for me. I don't even know how to contact her if I did.

Hello John_Crellin


Thanks for posting on the forums to request your account number, we 're sorry to hear of the change in circumstances and are here to help as much as possible.


Please don't give the full details here but can you confirm if you're the account holder (as in the contract is in your name)?