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being billed more then agreed on every month

Tuning in

Hi, been with virgin for over 10 years and used to be a happy customer, but that is a history. We agreed a deal of £32 a month for a package, then last April they decided to increase £9 to £41 even before our contract finished (my contract is due to finish in January 24 and it was an 18 month contract for £32).

We moved in July and they failed to connect our services, apparently didn't close our old account etc, even though I called to notify of the one with the new address beforehand. We ended up with no service for 3 weeks, but got compensated afterwards, on a positive note.

Ever since then every month I receive a bill to a different amount/deal that what I agreed on, mostly £54 or once £74 which I never agreed to, they apologize for the the inconvenience and confirm that it was an error on their end, they refund the overcharged amount and they promise it will not happen again. Yet, the following month the same thing. This time I got someone on the other end disputing all of this and claiming my deal is for £54.

I have genuinely had enough and not to mention that our broadband has been very on and off and we often have to switch to mobile data.

Any suggestions? There's never any manager 'available', of course, and every time I get a slightly different story anyway. 

Thank you


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Tinjam 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

I am sorry for any billing issues and before replying, I did a background investigation via the Forum details provided. Everything is sorted so firstly don't worry and I'll send you a PM now to help further 🙂

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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