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Virgin refused to honour my contract and it took 3 hours on the phone to resolve

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I have been with Virgin Media at the same address for decades and in January 2024 I extended my contract for a further 18 months at a cost of £20 more than my old contract. This was over £20 more than a new customer would pay for the same package. They wouldn't budge on the price. I was sent a contract with the monthly cost clearly stated and I agreed with them that the new contract would start the day after my old contract ended so there would be no early disconnection charges. 

When I received my first bill last week, they had added £6 on to the monthly cost. I spent 3 hours in total on the online chat, Whats App chat and telephone today trying to find out why this was. They were adamant I would not be given the agreed contract price and that I would have to pay the new price. They had also terminated my old contract one month early and charged me £22 extra for doing this.

It was an extremely long and frustrating call trying to find out why they would not honour the contract as I thought in law they had to. I had to speak with three separate people and they wouldn't answer the basic question why my contract was not being honoured. 

Eventually they agreed to honour the contract price but I am so disappointed with their poor service for a loyal customer who has never defaulted on bills.

I'll definitely change provider next year when my contract is up. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @misspinny,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you experienced this with your package and going about getting this resolved, if you do need anything further for us to help with your package, please do let us know and we would be able to help with this.


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LIke with any fixed contract, car/home insurance and internet. There is no reward for loyalty and need to negotiate a new deal. Most companies hope the customer will just auto renew.

How you negotiate can make a huge difference. I won't discuss how to negotiate here as you can google that yourself. I have done 3 renewals with Virgin and always got better deal than a new customer rate.

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