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Virgin lied and never cancelled my contract

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Hi - I am writing to see if anyone can help, since the call centre seem absolutely inadequate!
I have today checked my credit account at Experian and have found that I have a default on a 3 year old account from Virgin media showing on my credit score still.
Today I attempted to speak to the virgin team to discuss this matter further but because I could not provide the bill due date for my account, despite this being nearly 4 years ago, I was denied being able to discuss anything! Since I never received any correspondence form Virgin in the first place how I am expected to know any details of the account is impossible! 
I held an account with Virgin media from 2017 till 2021 when I spoke to a virgin media team representative in 2017 and cancelled my account as we chose to move to another provider due to poor service strength. Following on from this I had presumed Virgin were good to their word and had cancelled my account. I received no correspondence from Virgin, either by email or post, indeed I have never received anything from your company either by email or post. I guess that makes me the mug for taking virgin at their word!
I then discovered that Virgin media had not actually cancelled my account and that Virgin had determined I owed them £74. I found this out via my experian score. I contacted Virgin and despite it being Virgin's fault as they had not cancelled my account I agreed to pay the money as long as It was removed as defaulted on my Experiean account as I had not been informed by Virgin for multiple years that they deemed I owed them money. I received no letters or emails during this time from Virgin asking for any money or informing me that I was not paying what Virgin deemed I owed. This was agreed, they would remove the default if I paid them money. The mug I am again believed what they said.....
I have recently checked my credit score again to find that this default still shows on my Experian account. It is impacting my credit score and I am requesting virgin contact Experian as they originally said they would to have this default removed. It is completely unfair that it shows I am in Default when firstly Virgin should have cancelled my contract as I originally requested, secondly it should have been removed as was agreed when I voluntarily agreed to pay the £74 to just stop the whole situation and thirdly because during all this time Virgin never once let me know that they believed I owed money to them, neither by post or email, therefore giving me no chance to actually contact them to put a stop to the situation. 
Please can someone tell me how I can speak to someone to complain. When I asked to complain whilst on the line to the customer services call centre I was told there is no complaints dept, they deal with everything... This is clearly an absolute lie! I want Virgin to contact Experian and remove the Default form my account as It is ruining my life and preventing me from being able to get a mortgage. I have tried emailing their Credit file amendments dept and get no response, just an acknowledgment email. Why cant I speak to a human being in the UK for once, especially about something as serious as this!!!! 

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Forum Team

Hi @hmb2 

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Sorry to hear that you have a dispute with your credit file. 

If you have been in touch with Experian already and have disputed the mark on your credit please email our team at for this to be investigated further. 


In the email you'll need to include your full name, account number, contact number, account address, the company that you used to view your credit file, and any specific details related to the credit file enquiry. The credit file amendments team will action this within the next 14 days of receiving your email and be in touch further if needed. 

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I have contacted experian and they gave me this email too. I do not have the account number as this was from 2021! I emailed them anyway and they have never responded to me, other than an automated email response. In the meantime I cannot speak to a human at Virgin as they want details from the account I do not have! I am shocked at the absolutely poor customer service, I put clearly in my complaint I had already emailed Credit amendments and you did not even read it properly.

And to add insult to injury I had a Virgin manager call me later that day asking why I had left negative feedback for them..... Really! When I explained why I left negative feedback she asked me why I had not asked to make a complaint. i told her I had done and was told by the customer service call centre person that he was the complaints team too!!! Well once I said this to her she had nothing to say, she just said well I cant actually talk to you as you cant answer the security question.... Then told me to wait for a postal letter they would send me. Absolute joke.

We understand your frustration with this hmb2 but account security is paramount to us here at Virgin Media, it is both a legal and regulatory requirement for us to ensure we're only speaking with the account holder regarding specific account details. We appreciate that this is an older account and you may struggle to remember some of the details requested which is why we offer a reminder service via letter. 

Once received, this will allow you to speak to the team in regards to this, depending on when you emailed the credit file team, it can take up to 14 days to get a response.