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VM refusing to honour contract that I accepted

Joining in

My existing 18 month contract was due to expire at the end of Feb 2024.  When I logged on to my online account on 9th Feb, I was offered a renewal deal, being exactly the same package at a slightly higher price.  I agreed to the package by clicking the "accept" button online, and I received an order confirmation email the same day with an order reference number.

Upon contacting VM this week to make some further additions to the package, they said they have no record of this contract renewal agreement.  They then offered me several packages that are worse/more expensive than the renewal contract I already agreed to (and so I rejected them).

My understanding is that they offered me a new contract and I accepted the new contract, so this contract is now legally binding.  But VM are refusing to honour the contract and are claiming no knowledge of it.  Any suggestions of how to resolve this would be gratefully received, otherwise I'm expecting that I will have to refer this to the Ombudsman.


Tuning in

I wish you luck. I was in a similar situation in accepting an offer via my account page in December, receiving a new contract for it but no action taken. 

3 months later, a lot of stress dealing with all support channels including the complaints team and I'm in a much worse situation. Each time I tried to get the agreed contract activated a new one was issued with different pricing and dates and now I'm being told I'll be paying over double the original offer with the annual price increase.

The forum team are generally very helpful and do action things quickly, they've certainly been helping me. Just don't expect it to be smooth sailing as the original contract will undoubtedly be lost with any updates they apply.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi sd252,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear there's been some confusion over your new deal.

Package changes aren't something we deal with via this forum, however I've popped you over a private message to get a few more details from you.