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VM April Price increase quoted not honoured

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Dear Virgin Media, 

We have had a Volt package since last year's renewal for 250Mbps + O2 SIM deal (paid separately) for £28.00 pcm.

Like every other customer, we received notification of the April 2024 price increase. We were given a breakdown via email stating that our bill as of 04/28/2024 would now increase from £28.00 to £30.46 (£30.46 for main services + £0 add-ons). Which we were OK with, so we didn't need to contact Virgin about it.

Yesterday, I received an email with a bill for April 2024 of £37.99 so I called customer service today to understand why and where this amount came from. 

I basically got told that the quoted £30.46 was "last year's price" and the new higher price was "due to inflation". I made a case to the operator that my 8.80% increase was then, in fact, not what was advertised and I was now getting charged WAY more than anticipated for the same package. I asked if the 8.80% increase was then a variable rate, rather than a fixed one, and he said yes. 

Nowehere on my paperwork or emails about the April price increase there's a mention of the 8.80% being a variable rate customers are charged.

The operator made every effort to try and offer a solution price wise, saying he could take the price down to £32.00 pcm after his manager approved. This amount is still higher than what we were quoted and I still haven't received a straight answer as to why I was given, in writing, an increased price of £30.46 pcm and then receive a bill for £37.99.

To make things worst, the operator mentioned my contract is coming to an end on 28th May 2024. However, online under "My Contract" it shows the expiry date is November 2024. Which is which??

If a member of staff could please get back to me asap about this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you 

Kind regards


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ValeSc

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear that there seems to have been an issue with your billing and package price with us following the general price rise earlier this month. I'll be happy to take a closer look at this for you via PM. Please look out for a message from me 😊



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Hi Beth, thank you for getting in touch. I've just replied to your PM.
Many thanks