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Upgraded online and VM not acknowledging

Joining in


I am very frustrated with the situation with my VM service and I am posting here as I can see no progress despite multiple calls. 

The situation is as below:

- I get very poor wifi coverage on our 1st floor and having called the customer services who did a quick check via an app he suggested I get wifi pods

- He mentioned that it would cost extra per month to get a pod however if I am on the volt package I can get them for free. I then asked him how much would it cost to upgrade to the volt package and he put me through to the contract team. Due to the long wait time I was in my online account and I saw I could just upgrade the service directly online myself

- I proceeded to upgrade my service online by just adding an O2 sim to my account and it also upgraded my wifi to the 1Gig volt service. I got through a confirmation through my email with the new summary contract information stating this

- In the meantime I got connected with the contracts team who could not process an offer for me due to a supposed issue with an oustanding balance I had to pay, however this made no sense as I have a direct debit. I  then notified him I am happy with the online upgrade and needed no further help.

- Since then I have had multiple emails saying I have upgraded my contract but not to the web contract but to a contract that includes a pod (without an upgrade in internet speed and with a higher monthly cost) 

- I called customer services to query this to ask them I did not authorise any new contract over the phone and infact my web upgrade contract was the only contact I had authorised. They assured me they have cancelled the unauthorised contract and assured me my web contract will indeed go through. However since then I continue to get emails showing I have been upgraded to the wrong contract and I have seen nothing about my web upgrade for which I have the paperwork and the contracts.

Can you please resolve this situation as soon as possible?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey VMuser7, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to hear there has been an issue with the package.

I can see from our side you've had some contact with us since this post, did they team manage to help at all?

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matt,

Many thanks for your quick reply. I have not had any contact with the team since the post..I tried to give a call last night but never got through after the automated service. 

Okay no worries,, let me send you a PM and we can take a look to see what has gone on. 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?