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Unlink Netflix account from VM account

Joining in

I need to unlink my Netflix account from my VM account as I no longer use the account that is currently linked and would like to link my new Netflix account to my package.

I called VM and was told I need to do this through Netflix but Netflix have advised it needs to be done through VM so I’m stuck in limbo 


Hi John,

I am yet to receive this. I have been told I would receive this since Thursday…

Hi Tommo100

To either upgrade or downgrade your Netflix package plan, you'll need to head to Netflix and sign in to your account. Then scroll to Plan details and choose the plan you'd like to change to. Your new plan price will update on your next Virgin Media bill. Are you getting an error message when doing this?

Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Hi Vikki,

no error message. I just need the correct Netflix account to be attached to my Virgin Media account. Currently it’s connected to the wrong Netflix account.

Thank you for that information. We can certainly take a look into this for you. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details.