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Turned down offer from retentions, now reconsidering

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I had a call from retentions earlier after cancelling, in which they made me an offer to try to get me to stay, at the time I turned down the offer as it still included services I didn't really want. 

However, I'm now thinking that actually, although it was more than the deal I could get elsewhere, it did include one or two extra things that maybe just about made that worthwhile (assuming there are no nasty gotchas in the deal that I missed).

The person I talked to said they would make a note on my file in case I changed my mind, but not sure how I would actually go about doing anything about that. I know the retentions system is a bit of a dark art with different agents offering different deals (or even different deals being available at different times). I'm assuming that phoning in is unlikely to get me anywhere, but maybe someone here can help if the note is available on my file.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

On the down-side, this is a salutory reminder that when it comes to retentions offers, you must be prepared to accept any offer on-the-spot and use the 14days statutory cancellation if you later change your mind. As for additional services, think of them as a free gift - if the "with" package costs less than the "without", say thankyou very much and file them appropriately.

You will have to callback to retentions on the usual 150/0345 4541111 number and hope you're able to obtain the deal you were offered. If not, then further hope they will callback - and accept it immediately.

If that approach fails, then you must be prepared to carry through on your 30days notice or do a reverse ferret before it's too late.

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