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Trying to cancel

Joining in

Hi I have been virgin customer for 15 years. The last few months constant drop outs on my hub 4. Also my vm connect app suddenly stopped working I cannot get my WiFi pods working. I have logged many calls and after many hub resets later the fault apparently is mine and not virgin. I have tried to book an engineer visit the advisor  said it was but I did not receive conformation text called again they said no engineer booked they then booked another date same thing happened no engineer booked when i enquired. When I tried to cancel my subscription said I had to pay nearly £400 as still nine moths of contract to run.  They said in order to waive this fee ofcom have to monitor line speeds for a month. It is not the speed that is the problem it is the constant dropouts and having dead spots in my house. I have raised two complaints I just want out now. Fed up of being constantly fobbed off and paying for a very poor service. If something doesn't work surely you can cancel without being charged


Alessandro Volta

Do you experience problems with the connection dropping on both wired and wireless connections or is it wireless only?