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Taking out a new deal and contact length

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My contract was coming to an end and i was getting emails regarding a renewal. I went onto the online service and found that i could go up to Gig 1, and the contract says that the initial monthly cost is £35 a month, then £95 after month 19, 18 month minimum contract. 
I now have the equipment and my online account is showing Gig1 as my package, however the contract i was emailed isnt there yet. I'm aware there is a 14 day cool off period that started when my equipment arrived and want to ensure I am reading the contract right. So, because i upgraded and was sent a new contract, am i right to assume that i am currently on month 1 of this contract? As such my payments will be £35 (unless it changes slightly when the rates go up) until around 18 months from now where it will go to the higher rate of £95. 

"Initial monthly cost: £35.75*
Contract summary sheet number:
One off charges:
Upfront payment:
Minimum contract length:
18 months
From month 19 currently £97.75* a month" 

I just want to ensure I have understood this correctly, as currently my online account hasn't fully updated and i don't want to leave the 14 day cooling off period just to find I was mistaken. Further to this, another email i received *after* the precontract information emails states "We'll send your new services contract via email. It includes all the
information you need and it's important that you review and sign by
following the instructions. With Virgin Media services, you're subject
to a minimum contract term. If you decide to cancel during the minimum
contract term you will incur an early disconnection fee." yet i have not been sent anything to sign?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @ariaj 👋 Welcome to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

Sorry to see that you've not had any emails sent regarding your contract. I'll pop you a PM to confirm some details so I can have this resent.



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