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TOP URGENT- Overdue Letter

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Hi Team

I am writing to urgently address an issue regarding our account [REMOVED] with Virgin Media. We recently received an overdue letter, which has prompted significant concern within our organization. Despite numerous attempts over the past several months, we have not received the updated contract copy which we have requested.

Unfortunately, the lack of response from your team has left us in a precarious position. We are unable to proceed with payment until we have the new contract copy.

Furthermore, we have been attempting to ascertain the identity of our new account manager since our previous manager left Virgin Media. Establishing clear lines of communication and understanding our point of contact within your organization is crucial for resolving issues and maintaining a productive business relationship.

In light of these circumstances, I kindly request your immediate attention to this matter. It is important that we receive the updated contract copy and information regarding our new account manager as soon as possible. Without this information, we are unable to fulfil our internal processes, such as raising purchase orders for the new contract and process the due payments duly.

Please consider this email as IMPORTANT & URGENT. Should you require any additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Appreciate if someone from virgin media, would take this very seriously and contact us, which would benefit both sides.

Please find my email address and contact - below









[MOD EDIT: Business and Personal information has been removed from this post. Subject title changed for clarity]



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @nancyreeta 

Judging by the wording in your post, you are having problems  with a business account.

Unfortunately these forums are for residential customers and the forum team don't have access to the business systems as they are two separate entities.

There should be a live messenger chat function for VM Business on the following page 

There's also a freephone number 0800 052 0800 or text support on 07480 639 012

Additionally there's an online Contact Form 

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