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Still can't add TV to my 1gig broadband account

Joining in

We moved house 3 weeks ago after having the full 360 package £85 per month and being a VM customer for years. We decided to just go with 1gb broadband at the new address.

We were told yes now problem and they processed a home move for us to our new address which didn't go smoothly as we were told it would activate at midnight at the new address on the eve of our move This did not happen but was then sorted after 6 phone calls and being cut off a few times.

We are now set up at our new address and want to add TV to the package and we have called 16 times and am tired of agents stating that oh don't worry I've opened a complaint and we will get this sorted as I can't see any available prices at the moment, or getting cut off, lied to and I have always had good service but just have lost all trust and confidence in getting this sorted.

Please could someone advise me who works for VM how this can be sorted.