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Sign is as main account holder problem

Tuning in


I haven't been able to view my bills in forever. Ive been with VM since 1999.

I moved house a long time ago and things  were fine. But now for a while I can't view my bills or any other account info. I would like to know what I am paying for.

Ive always been the man account holder and bill payer. 

Does anyone know how to sign is as main account holder. I only have one email address and password that I know of for this account.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @SP-65, thank you for your post.

We're sorry to hear about the long-term problem you've been having 😔

If you're unable to sign in to your My Virgin Media account using the e-mail address and password you believe to be correct, have you tried clicking on the "Forgot your email address?" and "Forgot your password?" links and following the instructions provided?

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience.



Hi, yes.

Have reset my password lots of times. Ive only ever used one email.

It lets me go into the account. I can ee basics but says I cannot see bills etc because I have not signed in as the main account holder.

I am the main account holder. The one who pays the bills. The one who only ever signs into this account. So is someone somewhere signing into my account as the main account holder? Why would they do that? How are they doing it? I just want to be able to sign in as the main account holder (which I am).

Hi @SP-65

After signing in to a My Virgin Media account, you should be able to use the same features regardless of whether you're the main account holder or not.

A "View bill" link should be showing on the opening screen. Is that not visible at all?

If not, when you click on the menu options, is there a "Billing" link below one for "Home" and above one for "Change my package"?



No, there is no view my bill. There are only 2 icons - View Apps and Account settings. There's a sports package ad banner at the top, a service status box, a Help and Support icon and another ad about Gig1 Fibre broadband.

Menu gives the option of Billing, change my package, my current package etc...

However billing has a person symbol with a closed padlock. if I click on billing there is a 'view my bill' option but it keeps jumping back to all the options. I can access change my package and everything else. Im guessing the padlock means it's locked for me. 

On the app on iOS I can't view bills as it says you must sign is as main account holder. 

So I have now found out what package I'm on. But I want to know when I started paying for it. 

Hope this info helps,




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @SP-65 

Looking at a previous thread of yours which is in the forum archives < here >  it looks like it's actually your fathers account. The email address you are logging in with may just be a secondary email address set up on the account, and the main account address may be your fathers registered email address.

Also you moved house so the old account would have been closed down and you would have been issued with a new account number.  VM homemovers should have performed what's known as a move and transfer and transfered  your details across from the old account to the new one.  If that wasn't done then any and all email addresses associated wuith the account from the original property should have closed after 6 months.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for having a look.

My dad has his own account that he had since I was a child and I was still living at home.

I moved out and had my own account with VM. About 10 years after that, we brought a new house and things were still fine. Then another 10 years later, my parents moved house and it could be that's when things got messed up.

I set my dad up with a new email address, he shouldn't be linked to mine. His account number and phone number are all different to mine too. My parents can access their bills online. But yes it could somehow have got linked up. I have no idea.

Any idea how this can be sorted out? 

Kind regards 

I just had a look at my dad's account. (I look after stuff for him as he's 86) 

And yes! I can see his bills under current account but my bills are there under previous account! How strange. 

Ive always had my own account and so has my dad. Not sue how everything has been linked to my dad's account. I do have my own account number and address on my bills so that's correct. How do we unlink this though?

This is indeed odd @SP-65 

Have you ever had the account in another person's name at all? 

Has there ever been a transfer of name/responsibilities submitted on this account? 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

On our wavelength

OK, look I think we need to go back to first principles here and try to work out what has happened and the situation.

@Sp-65 - in your first post you say "Ive always been the man account holder and bill payer. “ I assume that it should have read main. OK fair enough. But then later you say "My dad has his own account that he had since I was a child and I was still living at home."

So which one is it, is it your account or your Dad’s, you then say "Ive always had my own account and so has my dad."

What? If you have always had your own account, then how can this separate account be associated with your dad’s?

This sounds like a complete mess - I think we need to know the current situation, do you have your own VM account and login address and password?