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Saarp Practice by Virgin Media

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Today, 14th June 2024, I had an email that invited me to  "Renew your contract". So I clicked to read the offer. Next thing that happened, Virgin Media sent me a contract document. My current contract does not expire till 09/09/2024. Wh-a-a-a-at!!.   ?? I pay £25.02 per month and this new contract is trying to charge me over £53 a month. Disgraceful practice.
I have just been in touch with Virgin Media via WhatsApp and I got this message

your contract is coming to an end on 9/09/2024. You still have time, and the new contract is not updated on the account do not worry, you are still on the same package that you have accepted on 10/03/2023."

If you like to know the deals I have a deal for you with the following services.

Virgin TV 360 box
Mixit TV
Volt 350 (250-350) Broadband
Weekend chatter
Big bundle

"The standard price of the package is 78 GBP, as you are our loyal customer I will offer the deal at just 39 GBP. Wherein you will save 39 GBP every month and 702 GBP over the contract period of 18 months.

The daily average price of the package is just 1.28 GBP."
Will you be interested in the new and upgraded package?"
No, I will not. In fact Virgin has already offered me the same contract for £33 a month. I did not accept that at the time cos my contract has another 3 months to run
This is not good enough, Virgin Media.


Common Virgin we can do better.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @becon12 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

I am sorry you feel this way. 

Purely from what you've wrote and the figures quoted, basically says there's an offer which you're receiving currently until September, however, we can offer you a slightly higher price than now but a longer discount, IE a new contract.

Nothing to worry about if you're not wanting to accept it, kindly contact the team 30 or more days before the end of the contract and they'll check offers for you :).

Forum Team

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