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So after decades with Virgin it appears that they don't value my business enough for a retentions call? Disconnect is in a few days and I haven't noticed any calls from them?

Is this the new practice? Sky have called me multiple times though offering to beat any deal!


Alessandro Volta

Do you have VM marketing options turned on in My Virgin Media?

Yes as far I'm aware they have never been switched off

Alessandro Volta

In which case you look set to become a new Sky customer then if VM makes no retentions call. In the future you would have the option to return to VM as a 'new' customer and benefit from new customer pricing once again.

I was a VM customer for 20 years before moving to BT FTTP under similar circumstances. Can't say I was particularly that keen on moving but VM failed to come up with a reasonable retentions offer. As a result I now have an Openreach fibre connection to my home which has opened up a whole new load of suppliers to me (which would not have happened if VM had come up with a decent retention offer before I left). The fact VM does not want your custom any more may possibly turn out to have some advantages in the long run.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Bill07 

You could always call VM again before the final cut off date and see if you can negotiate a new deal again.

You say Sky have called you multiple times, so tell the retentions agent what actual deal(s) have offered eg package and pricing, plus do some homework with other providers and ask VM to match the deals.


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