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Price increases crazy

On our wavelength

Hello,my contract ends on the 26/03/24. I was paying £42.50 but was informed that when my contract ends it will increase to £111.00. I rang the call centre and they assured me they could help me. After a lot of questions and answers he came back with a renewal price of £142.00. Needless to say I had to turn that down and asked him to cancel my contract. I have been with Virgin for 25 years now and although I would like to stay I just can’t afford to. I have spoken to Sky and they have offered me a good package. He offered to let me think it over and is calling me back Saturday morning. I have no option but to accept I have to leave Virgin. What is really annoying is that I found an offer from Virgin in my junk mail offering me to keep my current package at the same price. The email was from January an has expired now. 


On our wavelength

Hello, I received an offer from virgin media complaints. It was the same package for £68 but they are not replying to my emails. I am lost.

Joining in

I've had the exact same issue today, even the quoted price was the same and that was after two and a half hours wasted chatting on what'sapp, I am also a virgin customer for over 20 years, I feel your pain enjoy Sky