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Price Increase even as New Customer March 2024

Dialled in


I've just signed up as new customer, signed up in Feb and service activated only yesterday 1st March. I login today to see the billing page and it shows my March bill as agreed contract package price however my April bill has the RPI increase built in!! 

This shouldn't the be case as new customers or recently reconstructed won't be affect until 2025, straight from your website "However if you have recently joined or recontracted and we have informed that you that your annual price rise will take effect from April 2025, you will not receive a price rise in April 2024." -

I am massively disappointed that we customers have to project manage every single step of the process and watch out for your system flaws. I will be putting a complaint. 


Thank you very much Joe for providing timely assistance on this.  You've swung VM back into positive experience for a new customer. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for joining me in that private message @golden86.

Glad we could go about resolving your issue, if you do have anything further to discuss through please do reach out to us to continue this discussion.