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Pre contract offer differs from actual contract

Joining in

After spending hours on the phone discussing my contract renewal and home move, I agreed to a new contract at £49 a month, and received the pre contract emails detailing as such. However today I’ve received my contract, the price has shoot up to £69, and Tv service I agreed to as part of the deal has been removed. 

this seem to be an ongoing issue with Virgin not sticking to pre contract agreements when renewing. I’ve tried contacting customer service to no avail. Frankly it’s horrible customer service and feels like a scam and being lied to. 
 Any help would be much appreciated 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mnwinia19-

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forums.

I am sorry to hear that your package price does not match what was agreed in your pre-contract confirmation. I'll be more than happy to investigate this for you. I've sent you a DM so I can take your account details 😊