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No confirmation of cancelled appointment

Joining in

I called today to cancel a booked installation at an address I am moving to because the landlord will not permit the necessary drilling.

After an incredibly long conversation in which the agent used various manipulation tactics in an attempt to persuade me against cancelling (this is also following an online chat with one agent and a telephone call in which I was put through to two different agents yesterday) she finally confirmed that the appointment and my contract at the new address were both cancelled. She told me that I would receive an email confirmation of the cancelled appointment. However I have not received this confirmation and the 'order' still appears in my online account.

If confirmation of this cancellation is not forthcoming within the next 24 hours I will be pursuing legal advice and reporting this to Ofcom. I feel that Virgin Media has behaved very badly, and a simple search online indicates that many others have been told that appointments have been cancelled when in fact they have not been.

Please advise.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi SarahYP,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 😊

Sorry if things weren't clear when you called, so we I can confirm things for you I've popped you over a private message.