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No acknowledgement of cancellation

Joining in

On 23rd April I wrote cancelling my contract with VM.
I sent this via recorded delivery and it was signed for the next day.
I have not received an acknowledgment.
I have not been told when they will come and take away the hardware and make good their fixing holes in the wall.
I now have another provider so I need VM disconnecting and my final bill asap.


Alessandro Volta

Different customers experience different procedures when leaving VM (this is VM after all!). Some get a notification/confirmation from VM, some get none.

You have the tracking receipt from your delivery so you have a third-party reference of when VM received your notice to cancel.

Shortly after you are disconnected you should receive a final bill. If you are in debit, you pay the balance and leave VM. If you are in credit VM should refund you (although not necessarily quickly).

Once you have been disconnected you should receive returns packaging from VM (although non-receipt of packaging is a regular source of complaint on here). You may need to request it.

VM doesn't routinely remove cabling or wall boxes from past installations or make good same.

One of the VM forum team may be able to confirm your disconnection date for you. They usually reply here within a few days.

Thanks. I await a response from one of the VM forum team.

Hello ib4


Thanks for posting in regards to your disconnection request, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


From the information you have provided, the letter was received on the 24 April at the earliest. We require 30 days notice for all disconnections which would be the 24 May 2024. We continue to bill up until the disconnection completes at which point a final bill is produced.


As goslow has advised, we would send returns packaging for the equipment we require back but wouldn't attend for this or remove cables.

Thanks Robert

What details do you need from me for you to chase up the matter?

Hi @ib4 

I'll send you a PM to chase up the cancellation for you.

Forum Team

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