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Need help with Billing!

Tuning in

Hi, can mods here help with billing queries? 

VM have the worst CS, I get more sense out of here than on phone or on whatsapp. 

It was to discuss the account, I have a final bill. I have been assured I won't charged this final bill although it says payment it due next month so I am confused. 

Not to mention, my services should have ended 18th March but my services stopped working Saturday Night 16th March.. Yet I have been sent a bill for March to April.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Waseemmm89,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your final billing. 

Please ignore the bill that has been sent for the dates that are passed your disconnection date as that will be overridden by your final bill that will be dated to the day that your services disconnected. You can find more information about your final bill 👉 here.

Kind Regards,


Hi, also my services were supposed to disconnected on 18th march but they were disconnected on the 16th.....

Also I was told that I have a credit of 29 pounds on the account but when I asked one of the advisors a few days later he said its 25 pound so I complained that my services were cut 2 days before and that I had an emergency situation but nothing was working. Luckily the emergency services were able to get through on my mobile  even though my network is being tempermental. 

He said he will apply 4 pounds credit to make it 29 same as what I was previously advised.... LOLL. But still my acc shows 25 pound credit. 



Hey @Waseemmm89 Thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media community forums. 👋🏼

I'm so sorry to hear about the poor experience you've recently had with the service the disconnection. 😢
I can see that you are in a private chat with one of my colleagues. 🧾

Please raise any queries with them and they will be able to assist on the matter.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Thanks just sent a reply. 

Up to speed

I have the exact same issue! Leaving end of-f March, yet I’ve just received a bill for the month of April? 

Hopefully mods here will help. I got one for April but I didn't need to pay for it. So hopefully you wont need to as well. 


On the April bill does it say Paid? if so then you should be okay I think