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Mislead information by sales agent caused me increase in bills

Joining in

The sales agent just called me and told me that my bils are going to increase to 96£ in July 2024 (my current bill is 39£) so she offered me an upgrade to 47£ a month. To fill you in, I started my contract in February 2024 with Virgin media and its been only few months. I asked her twice if my bill is really going to increase in this July and she said yes. Confused me, said yes to the package upgrade. After the call, I checked my contract papers and it clearly says that my bills will increase to 96£ in 19th month which will be September 2025 (and not July 2024). I am surprised why they gave me such misleading information and caused me to waste so much of my money.

I am curious if its common with virgin media customers because I am new to Virgin media. I will probably not continue with them after my “new mislead increase in contract” but I want to know if its just me who they mislead.


Alessandro Volta

I won't say it's deliberate, but there are many reports of people being confused by sales staff with new contracts and 'upgrades'.

If you have been put on a new contract, you can cancel it and revert to the old one within 14 days, without any penalty. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.