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Illegal marketing and unauthorised overcharges.

Joining in

Hi Guys, 

Virgin Media have illegally marketed me through direct email to renew at £22. I've had this confirmed in email contract and email order confirmation on the 5th May.

Following my June bill (£75.09), I've learned that Virgin Media have enforced without consent or contract a £55 contract on me from the 10th May. Resulting in a minimum £20 overcharge for June.

Called, whasapped and have all of the screenshot confirming that the support agents would 'apply a credit' and 'Re issue a new contract' to resolve.

This month guess what! £98 is the bill, with the audacity to have a 'late payment charge included'.

I've submitted a formal complaint, as the support team didn't submit one when I complained 4 weeks ago.

I've read all of the other similar experiences today. Should I go straight for asking for a deadlock letter?

I've already reported Virgin Media to my banks fraud department. 

Extremely frustrated and have been told these practices are unlawful!

Any advice helpful. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi JackNewby,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community  😊

Sorry there's been some confusion over the contract and billing. So I can take a closer look I've popped you over a private message.