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How to keep your virgin bill low

On our wavelength

So, I spent a month trying to get a decent retention deal from Virgin and failed. I canceled my package, as I'm not married, so I had my partner sign up for a new customer deal. Then, I phoned the retentions department and threatened to cancel the new line because of the price, and they reduced it even further. So not only did I get one over on a big company, but I also got it cheaper than I was offering to pay on my original contract! Then Virgin has the cost of me sending back my own equipment and then them sending out the new equipment. Please, somebody tell me how this makes business sense? Oh, and before someone says you can't do this, once my contract expired, I'm not obligated to Virgin in any way, and my partner is definitely not obligated.


Dialled in

I think basically Dave, it's a numbers game. Although they will have taken a hit from you (and well done by the way), the vast majority of people wouldn't have either the patience, or the knowledge to do what you have done, and will settle for whatever is offered to them.