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Help wante- Got my pre Contract documents but nothing else.

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I'm in same position. Found there was a renewal offer on my online account which does seem to be too good to believe. But I accepted it and had email back from "webteam" with an order number and confirming the future cost as offered. I have not had a formal contract yet.  However the order reference doesn't appear on orders section of my account yet. If I try to go back into change account it says a current order is being processed. I have been told that can take 14 working days. That takes me to 6 March but my next bill will be issued on 29 February. So it is likely to for the non discounted full amount. I can't afford to pay out that amount even though I would hope it would be sorted out in bill at end of March.       Having read other posts on here people do appear to have been misled into thinking they have a new contract pending but then are told it hasn't gone through.                                  This is all so worrying for me, a 74 year old single person on a low retirement income.

Any help appreciated. I have written my own post separately but can't find it now!



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Yes I have had the same promises I suspect just to get rid of you. I can honestly say that having worked in a regulated financial services business for 40 years, I would have been banned from working in that profession if I had adopted the VM approach to dealing with customers.

I may have to take this over to Martin Lewis for him to get involved 🤔 

I have also found the order he's talking about and it is the additional WiFi pod I've waited a month for 😡


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I feel for you Soos and this must be very worrying for you at your age and current situation. It's not fair if they cannot or will not uphold these offers that they are sending out to people. 

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There is a term insisted upon by the Financial Conduct Authority, ‘Treating Customers Fairly’, a philosophy that VM would be advised to implement and equally OFCOM should insist upon.

Hey Uncle buzz, Soos,

I spoke to retention again last night and got through to a very helpful guy from Sheffield, he put together a package for me that basically gives me everything I've got now except TNT Sports. That's 1 gig Internet, mega volt tv bundle, phone with anytime chatter (that I won't use), Netflix premium and 2 extra tv boxes. All this with the discounts comes in at £118 a month compared to the £116 I was currently paying. Hope this helps and if you need any more details let me know and I'll share a screenshot from the contract. All updated and contracts received this morning. I wish you both the best of luck getting sorted.

Ps. He found the contract I signed up for in January but explained that still wouldn't include TNT Sports due to the name change and exclusion from new deals, also if I'd have taken that original deal I was offered my prices would have gone up in April with the price hikes, doing it this way I won't see an increase until April 2025

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Soos_Mc thanks for getting back to me privately.  
This is just a quick note to confirm you're satisfied with the response and efforts of the forum team?  Remember, if you ever need assistance in the future, our fantastic community and forum team are always willing to lend a hand. Please bear in mind, you can manage your account from here. Your online account, will give you access to your bills, show your package details, diagnose any possible faults and monitor any orders and appointments you may have. 

On our wavelength

I am very pleased with the response and efforts of the Forum team.

Thank you, I know where to come for advice and help in the future.