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Help refund not received within 14 days

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Where do I start? 

Been with virgin media for 10 years. New contract was up for renewal on 13th of April. Phoned 30 days prior and agreed a new contract which cost a lot less. Full payment on 'new contract rates taken 13th April. Same thing happened on 6th May. Paid 200 more than I should have. Cancelled my direct debit, told my services would be cut off. Paid another 40 on my credit card to keep them on. 

Phoned multiple times to be told something different each time. Absolutely exasperated. Finally got through to someone and they confirmed new contract wasn't activated when it should have been hence all the extra money. Raised a Complaint agreed to refund 190 back to my bank account within 14 days. 14 days have come and gone. No refund. 

Shocking service. Currently on WhatsApp and have been since 8am. If anyone is reading this from virgin can you pleaw3 contact me to resolve. This is absolutely ridiculous now and I am at my wits end 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Neilly1 

Welcome to the community forums 

Sorry to hear that you've not received your refund to your bank as advised. 

If this is regarding a media account, then we aren't able to send BACS transfers and so any credits applied are either used on the account for future bills or sent via cheque refund to the named account holder at the service address. This process can take up to 30 days to be delivered.  Our apologies if you were advised that this would be refunded to your bank.  Do you wish the refund to be sent via cheque or are you happy for the refund to be used against your future bills until depleted? 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent