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Do I have to change from Maxit tv to mega tv mid-contract

Tuning in

Hi, I have had 2 phone conversation with Virgin media today. The first was instigated by Virginmedia. It was difficult for me to understand the caller but the gist of the conversation seemed to be that I move to Mega tv and get faster broadband and would save money, which I found strange that Virginmedia would call out of the blue and offer me a potential lower price. I tried to get a clear explanation from the caller the caller but every reply was to the fact of a higher broadband speed. There are only two of us in the household in our 80's and the speed we have today is fine for what we need. The second call was made by myself and I went through on the button to retensions. Again I had trouble understanding the lady, she sounded asian and spoke extremely fast, however all she talked about was moving to Mega tv. Unfortunatly Mega TV does not include TNT sports which Maxit TV does and is a channel that I watch a lot of football on. Despite numerous attempts by me to get an answer from her as to whether I can remain on Maxit tv (about 1yr to run) she avoided the question and just kept pushing Mega. She did say that I could have TNTsports as an add-on at £18.00/month extra. Can I cancel if I wish as to me this is a change to my contract. Or is it Virginmedia trying to force me onto a lesser contract at the same price that I do today.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello CABISH22


Thanks for posting on the forums in regards to the recent call received, we appreciate the confusion given the nature of the call and you taking the time to question this.


It is possible that the more services and the higher the tier of those services that a bigger discount may be available. Whether this would result in a customer saving money would obviously depend on how much their current package is. As with any changes, customers have a 14 day cooling off period in which they can cancel the changes and revert back to their original package if it is still available.


We aren't able to make package changes via the forums, if you can give the team a call on 150 from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 option 1, option 4 then option 4 this will get you through to the contracts team who will be able to look into this further for you. 


We also have these contact methods available.