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Credit to account for Leaving previous Broadband provider early

Joining in


I'm new to Virgin Media and have left my previous Broadband supplier early and have incurred an early leaving charge due to my contract not ending for 6 months.

I mentioned this to Virgin to which they were happy to help with. I was told on the phone that I would be sent a form to fill out which would allow me to have the early leaving charge credit onto my virgin account as a means to compensate me for leaving other supplier early.

I never received this email and so rang asking about it again, after 45mins on the phone they informed me that they will send the form out to me and it should be with me by the end of the day. I've still not received the form or any email.

I'm just curious if there is another way to contact Virgin regarding this matter, does anyone have any suggestions or help with this as I feel like another phonecall will just result in nothing again.


Thanks for your time,

Regards. Dale.



Hi Lawzieh1981,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
What form are you referring to? 

Kind Regards,