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Credit Default dispute

Joining in
I’m writing due to an issue with my account. I’m hoping your team can help me with this and would be very grateful for your assistance in this matter.
I was on the phone to your team several times on the 9th May and previous attempts before.
I spoke to a customer service representative about my account, she then asked me to contact BPO credit company to make payment. Before calling them I was put through to the collections team to talk about this matter but was disconnected by what I assume is a technical fault. 
I proceeded to contact BPO credit agency but I wasn’t aware the credit company had my account because I didn’t receive any communication from them. They said they are no longer dealing with this and it’s been sent back to virgin. I contacted virgin and spoke again to collections. 
Collections had a long look and confirmed that I have not been defaulted and if I make payment all will be fine. However my account is closed but I was out of contract as March 2023. They confirmed no action has been taken and a payment will clear and close my account without any default. They said this may take 4-6 weeks to show on your credit file. I asked him “will I 100% not be defaulted” in which he responded with “you will 100% not be defaulted I can assure of that if you make payment now”. Once I made payment he then confirmed this again and said he will leave this note on my account and read it back to me which said he confirms I won’t be defaulted on my credit report. He then said he will send me an email to confirm I have 0 balance and said this will show you can’t be defaulted. 
At that time my credit score did not show a default. However today I looked and there is a default. This heavily affects me as it would anyone and has left me terribly concerned and anxious. I contacted my credit score company and they said there’s a chance it should be taken off but it takes time to show this. 
I hope this is correct and this will be removed. Can you please confirm as your staff member confidently and assured me multiple times that I won’t be defaulted.
I have emailed Creditfileamendments
but can someone from your team please help and remove this default?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Sukh8701 wrote:
...I have not been defaulted and if I make payment all will be fine.....Once I made payment he then confirmed .....I won’t be defaulted on my credit report....However today I looked and there is a default.

There's two bits of terminology you should be aware of before proceeding.

1: "Credit score" - there's no such thing, you should be concerned with your statutory credit file which lenders rate against their internal (confidential) scoring.

2: "Default" - this refers to an outstanding debt which has gone unpaid.

If you have made payment against a default, you are a) Admitting the debt was valid, and b) Been a late payer. For these reasons, the default will not be removed but marked as settled.

If you disagree with a default on your credit file, then emailing the CFA inbox with evidence of its alleged inaccuracy is the way to go - if they agree, it should be removed. So there seems 3 pertinent questions here..

1: Have you paid against a default? If so, you've agreed it's valid thus cannot argue otherwise.

2: What did you email CFA with? Evidence of the default being wrong? Refer to point 1.

3: When did you email CFA - was this more than 21 days ago?


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Sukh8701, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear this.

If a payment has been made it can take up to 21 working days for this to come off the credit file.

Has it been this long or sitll in this time frame?

Remember this is working days not including bank holidays or weekends. 

Matt - Forum Team

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