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Contract renewal - Confusion on options. Need some facts checked

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My current contract has 'expired' & I've been given a couple of offers for renewal(s) that are (slightly) Cheaper than what I've been paying however I like to check on a few things first since in all the time I've had 'cable TV' I don't recall ever been asked to 'renew' a contract in the past (& I've been a customer a Loooong time - even before NtlWorld got took over by Virgin. Does anyone remember 'Cable & Wireless' ??) 

Ok firstly I'll list my current 'package' as stated on my bill - currently costing me ~£193

  • Bigger bundle + Sports & Movies SD
    Telephone Line Rental
    Talk More International Anytime
    Sky Sports and Cinema Collection
    Maxit TV
    Virgin TV 360 Box
    M250 Broadband
    1 Additional TV Box
    Sky Sports HD Pack
    Vm Plus

However when I go online & check my package it states:

  • Telephone Line Rental
  • Talk More International Anytime
  • Sky Sports and Cinema Collection
  • Mega TV
  • Virgin TV 360 Box
  • M250 Broadband
  • Kids Pick
  • Skysports HD

(no mention of the additional box or whatever 'VMPlus' is)

One of the offers for renewal is for £144, upping to £164 later, for main services (not including the addons)

  • Broadband Installation
  • M350 Fibre Broadband
  • Virgin TV 360
  • Sky Sports & Cinema HD
  • Mega TV
  • Phoneline rental
  • International anytime chatter

with 'Kids Pick' and 'Sky Sport HD' as addons. Once again - no mention of the additional TV box.

So onto my questions

1)  Renewal states 'Broadband installation' yet to the best of my knowledge everything is already installed being an existing customer - will arrangements need to be arranged to get a visit to 'upgrade' from existing M250 to M350 

Last time IIRC I was sent a new router - I installed did myself (don't think this was for speed upgrade - more of an 'old tech' replacement )

2) I currently have a 2nd TV box but the new contract doesn't mention it.

Does the new contract price already include the additional box (IIRC these are 'V6' boxes upgraded to '360' - is there a difference between the 2 ??, they look the same to me) or will I still have to pay extra for 2nd box - if so this will obviously up the price, meaning I'll have less savings

3) How do I REMOVE addon packs ?? - I'd like to consider keeping the 'Kids Pick' but since I'm not into sports I'd like to consider getting rid of the Sky Sports HD pack. The 'basic' sky sports is good enough for me

4) What EXACTLY happens if I don't choose a renew contract. Will I sudden lose everything I currently have or will I still have the old package & still pay the £193


Any help appreciated


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

2: V6 & TV360 boxes, while using common hardware, are otherwise fundamentally different. "A V6 upgraded to 360" is a bit like saying "Apple phone upgraded to Android" or vice-versa. You either have a V6 or a TV360. I agree with you that there is no reference to multiroom boxes in the proposed new contract, and I would certainly expect there to be.

3: You remove packs by contacting VM and discussing your account with an agent, it's not something you can do by any other means except the WhatsApp chat system. Before removing Sky Sports HD, be aware you would then be watching all your Sky Sports channels in SD.

4: If you do nothing, then nothing will change. Your package will remain the same but you will pay the full, undiscounted price without any time-limited discounts that are expiring.

The other bit you've not picked up on, is that Maxit TV includes the TNT Sports channels inclusive - Mega TV doesn't. They are otherwise identical.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey CannonFoddr, thank you for reaching out and I do hope the advice below has helped?

Let us know if you have any more questions. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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