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Contract dispute, HELP!

Joining in

Yesterday i received an email from Virgin telling me that I am now out of contract for my Broadband service and presenting me with a few options. This came as a bit of a surprise to me as my initial contract, (We'll come back to that), was for 18 months from March 2023 which takes me to the middle of October 2024. In August 2023 I was advised to upgrade to a VOLT package in order to get some WiFi pods that i required for free, and also benefit from a free upgrade from the 250Mb/s speed to 350Mb/s speed, all for the same price I was currently paying, this seemed like a no brainer to me so I gave the go ahead. This resulted in a "Service Change Receipt" being sent to me showing the change to Volt M350 and that I had 14 months left on my contract. It also showed a new monthly charge of £50/month which was somewhat higher than the £32.50 I had been paying. I queried this via on line chat, and the following day I received a NEW CONTRACT starting on 9th August 2023 for a minimum of 18 months which would take me through to February 2025. The new contract however stated that I would be paying £44/month and not the £32.50 I was expecting to pay. Once again I queried this via on line chat and on the 12th August I received another "Service Change Receipt" telling me I would be paying the expected £32.5/ month for the next 12 months as Virgin would apply an additional discount of £11.50/month to my next 12 bills but the pre-additional discount price was actually £44/month, and this was a promotional discount from the standard price of £50/month, none of which I had been made aware of. Then in October 2023 I added a 2nd WiFi pod, which of course generated another "Service Change Receipt" this one being dated 24th October 2023. It stated that I was receiving a Promotional Offer Discount until February 2025, which I assume is the reduction from £50/month to £44/month, and "A Little Extra" reducing my next 9 bills down by £11.50/month which brings me to the £32.50 I expect to be paying. Now given that my initial contract was for 18 months from March 2023, that would take me to October this year. But they gave me a new contract in August 2023, again for 18 months, which takes me through to February 2025. Neither of these scenarios makes me "Out of contract" in March 2024 as the Virgin email states. In a forlorn attempt to get to the bottom of it all I today contacted on line chat yet again to ask what was going on. They told me my contract runs till October this year, well my initial contract certainly did, but not the new one issued in August this year. Even when I sent the chat operative a picture of the new contract, he still insists it's October this year. But even if he's right (Which he's not) why am I getting an email telling me I'm out of contract now? 

I give up!

If any of the helpful Virgin operatives on the forum could give me a hand with this I would very much appreciate the help.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Notascoobie,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, sorry to see there is some discrepancies with your contract to what you received via Email, so I can look further into this I will send you an invite into a private chat, please look out for the white envelope to accept.