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Cancelling a Technician

Joining in

I have been trying to cancel a technician appointment for the 4th April 2024 and can not do so on the account on my desktop which you can not do so.  The so called engineer that visited actually wired the cables incorrectly and it took a good old non engineer housewife to figure out what the expert had done.  It took 2 minutes to fix the problem.

The engineer wired the main cable from the outside box to the router and then miswired the splitter.  All he had to do was remove the main cable from the router box, connect it to the splitter and then connect that to the router box and HEY PRESTO, MAGIC it all worked

Now I now this is an unthinkable thing for the inept Virginmedia staff to understand that I do not have or ever want a mobile phone.  It is hard work getting them to understand this concept.

So please cancel the appointment and do not add the £25 fee to my bill.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @WBMum 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

Apologies for any issues with the original engineer visit. 

I can see you've contacted the team since the post and got this cancelled.

Please let us know if you ever need further help.

Forum Team

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