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Cancellation notice issue

Joining in

I just got off the chat with support, my contract ends on the 15th of May and I wanted to put in a cancellation notice since I'm unhappy with the services (the constant disconnects), and I decided to use the chat to do it since virgin media phone support is dog sh*t and I didn't want to spend the usual 45min+ getting transferred from one department to another.
so the person on the chat says that I need to give exactly 30 days, and I look in the contract there is nothing that says it needs to be exactly 30 days, and I do a quick google search and the first result is from this forum which says the notice can be given up to 60 days 
and this person refused to accept it and tries to disconnect me a few days early, and I say I want to talk to a manager, conveniently they are not there but suddely when I say I will call in and raise a complaint, they put in my notice.

so are these people acting like they have no clue, actually stupid, or they are maliciously lying to customers?

Can the moderator/admin on the forum confirm if my account will be disconnect once my contract ends on the 15th of May? I still haven't recieved a confirmation email and I don't trust virgin media.


[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @6XWJo388n6 Thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media Community forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had with the team recently in relation to the cancellation.
Although we don't want to see you leave we can see that the experience you've had needs to be addressed.

I will send a private message to further assist with this query and investigate the matter.
And yes the notice can be handed in 60 days before. 🧾

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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