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Tuning in

Been with Virgin Broadband since February and have been in contact with virgin several times for them to set up my online account and they still haven’t done it. 

Was promised a rolling contract over an 18 month contract when I signed up and they haven’t honoured that. 

My contract which is meant to be £27 a month is now consistently £29.50. 

Absolutely pathetic customer service. My only option now is to cancel my direct debit. Why should I stick to my contract if they don’t stick to theirs and don’t even have the courtesy to reply to emails. 


Alessandro Volta

AFAIK, VM has no customer-facing email for CS (which might be why you are getting no replies).

A topic on why not to cancel your DD with VM is here

They are good reasons not to cancel a DD with VM (as proven in many past topics on here where doing so has backfired on the customer).

Instead, submit a formal complaint to VM (probably a pointless exercise but a required first step)

before escalating to the ombudsman as per process and timescales here

A VM forum team person should reply here, usually within a few days, and should offer to help you.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello scottpippen


Sorry to hear of the confusion caused by your recent bills, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


From the information given, it would appear that you have been impacted by the recent price rise. In regards to the issues setting up your online account, what happens when you attempt to set this up? Do you get any error messages at all?


We wouldn't recommend cancelling your Direct Debit, this may lead to missed payment, adverse information being reported against your credit file and possible impact on the ability to obtain credit in the future.