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CRS chasing me for alleged debt

Tuning in

Hi sorry to jump on this post. 

I am also being chased by this company for a debt I am unaware of, of £36. Nothing on my credit file to suggest I owe anything, or in arrears. 

I also attempted to pay this company via Google pay (which is an option) in an attempt to not give them my current home address and details. This payment failed - I can only assume they do not accept Google pay, as the next window asked for every personal detail you can think of.

Anyway since being transferred to 02 I can no longer even log onto virgin media, I have had 0 correspondence of said debt owed from them. 

The issue I have, is I will be attempting to buy over the next year a d could do without my credit being attacked for £36. At the same time I do not want them having every detail of me to then be sold to other companies etc. 

So how do we go about resolving this apparent debt. With contact to virgin media apparently impossible. All just seems a bit of a joke. 

We still use virgin media broadband but it is not in my name, however unfortunately after this we will probably move. 




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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Personally - forget calling the company, there's nothing to gain and plenty to lose.

Do a bit of homework into civil debt procedure to be certain, but I'm >95% sure that a single email/letter to the effect of "debt is denied" should be sufficient to put the DCA on the back foot. If they do pursue, they will have to document where the alleged debt has come from, and present that to you - without which, they would be on very shaky ground legally. If it's a small debt, they may well shrug shoulders and walk away.

You will have clearly said to them, a legal version of "Foxtrot Oscar" which they can't deny receipt of. A telephone call has room for, er, discrepancy.

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