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Bill dispute but can't get virgin to dispute it with

Tuning in

Dear Sirs,


I have called several times to dispute this bill.

My telephone services were completely messed up requiring me to stay an extra two months with BT out of contract which raised considerable costs. This was your fault as the number had not been requested despite your sales people assuring us it was in the works. The phone along with our service ls was due to be transferred over on the 22nd January with US KEEPING OUR TELEPHONE NUMBER. This was not done, so an emergency call went to BT and were were advised by virgin that the line would be ported by the 26th
 This date came and went. We were then advised the date would be the 5th February. again no change.  I spoke with both virgin and BT and BT informed me that virgin had not requested the number. Virgin said they had but would resubmit and all should be well for the 10th February
 On the 10th February we had an engineer here which you had the cheek to charge for and for which I demand a refund as it was your original engineer who did not install the phone line or router properly hence the need for a second engineer. This guy moved the router but said we'd have to run it off the WiFi and not ethernet for some reason. All fine I asked about the phone and he called virgin and was told  still had not been ported - all of this time we were using virgin but also paying BT to keep the line open. That's something else I want to talk about - at the time of moving I had asked for unlimited calls, didn't happen, when we sent the number over to be ported I said I wanted unlimited calls to which I was told someone would call me back - five times I tried and NO ONE CALLED BACK. Why am I responsible for the calls when I had assumed that they were included in the package - after all, the price did go up despite not changing a bloody thing except the call package and my address?????? Anyway, we were then told that the order would be sorted by the 31st February to which I reminded that genius there are only 29 days in February this year and usually 28 so how did they propose to do this? They said it would be done on the 28th February, but GUESS WHAT????? it wasn't and when I called I was told that the personal who was supposed to do it had forgotten and it was still on their desk.  All this time I'm still paying BT but also you! That idiot then said he was going to do it "right now" to which I said excellent when will the number return he said in 21 days!!!!!! Are you serious. Turns out he was "because it takes that long and he don't know why or what to tell me, but he was going to push the button now and get it done!". I informed him that I wanted emailed confirmation that he had a. Done the one thing we asked for two months prior B. When we could expect it to happen.  Moron subsequently arranged for my to be disconnected from services and sent me a "Sorry you're leaving us email", which was followed up by a telephone call.  Are you taking the bloody **bleep**?
You think I am going to pay almost £90 for a service I haven't received and a package that was sold fraudulently (it wasn't just moved my service over and good to go" l. I opened a new account with you but didn't receive my free year with F-secure.  Did not receive my upgraded box and ended up paying almost 35% more than what I previously was, whilst new customers were offered deals of £26 ?
No sir, I will not.  I will not pay for a service or package I did not have until mid March, I will not pay for calls I thought were included and nobody calling me back to sort out. I'm not paying for engineers when it was their fault the installation went wrong and I am most definitely not paying a late payment fee.  How bloody dare you even suggest it.
So what happens now is, you get one of your managers to call me back and explain to me why I am still a customer and how come after over 30 years right back to when you were Telewest of being a loyal customer I should accept this blatant stupidity and disrespect? I am so angry with your company.  I have tried calling, texting.sat on WhatsApp for over three hours trying to sort out what should have been a smooth transition - one I encouraged my mother to take and break with her supplier, because I believed and trusted the brand to realise the complete disregard you have for your loyal customers has made me seriously consider other options.  I don't need a bels and whistles package I just wanted my 77 year old mother who is a dementia patient to keep her own telephone number and be able to watch the TV- and why the hell have we still not received a big button remote control or even been told when we can expect one, all I hear is it's on order? Shameless. I will be reporting you to Ofcom for fraudulent sales, lack of transparency and bloody bad manners.
I suggest you email me back with an adequate apology and a better attitude to keeping customers than I have received this far.  Reading by the comments on your forum, your reputation is floundering and you really can't afford to keep **** off your customers
I expect an email or call today

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @pipjac 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your account and I can fully understand your frustrations. I would be more than happy to take a look into this with you via a private message. 

I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.

Hello Ashleigh,

I had expected a phone call or email but none came. I was shocked to realise you expected me to sit indefinitely on the forum waiting for a response.? I mentioned my mother with dementia right? Since my last correspondence I have spent a total of six hours on hold with WhatsApp. Three hours on the phone and my emails have not been responded to. Guess what though, you manage to text you were reducing my services today as if any of this is my fault. You need to remember my full contract with you only came into effect when I received all devices - i.e

 March and I'm still in the cooling off period. I may asure you I am anything but cooked off. You have my details, I suggest you contact me using those. I do not have time to check the forum everyday 

Hey pipjac, thank you for reaching back out and I am sorry to hear this.

The forums isn't an instant response sorry but I can see you are in PM with my colleague. 

She will reply when she is back on shift.  Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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