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Been charged more than I agreed to?

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Hello all,

So I've just gone through my first broadband contract with Virgin who had emailed to inform me that upon month 19 of my contract my direct debit would be around double what I was paying the previous 18 months from £35.90 to £70ish for m500 obviously I went to cancel via the chat in may with the intent of going elsewhere.

After explaining this to the assistant I was offered to keep everything as is with adding a phone line (which will never be used and I told them this but it's needed for the price discount) and I would pay £45.00 in June with all bills after been £30.01 per month. I have the screenshot of this been confirmed in the chat

I've just recieved the statement for June that should be £45 and it's just over £67 I'm going to contact them but not sure what my next step would be if they don't adjust it to what was agreed. Any advice would be appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @sukki 

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Sorry to hear of your concerns with your package and billing. 

Does the billing advise the reason for the increased amount? In the billing breakdown you will see if there are any charges or if the bill is for services between certain dates. You should also be able to see if there has been any service changes on the account through the bill. 

If you have made change to your package, such as adding on a service, depending on your billing cycle you might find that the service dates include dates that were previously covered in your previous bill. As you pay in advance for your services, you would see the charges for a new service between two dates as well as the charges for the month in advance. 

Here to help 🙂
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