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April price increase 2024

Tuning in

We all know the change is coming, but I fear that Virgin is making things as difficult as possible for those wanting look elsewhere. I have loved using my service since the days when cablecoms first hit my street, unlike many I seem to have been blessed with unhindered service, sure the occasional network down. The continued price hikes have left me looking at what I am getting and comparing it to other services, on contacting Virgin to do the dance around getting a better deal (price) 

I am now met with.. you don't really want to cancel do you? how about we give you more broadband speed, more tv

I rarely get to watch even the basic freeview with catch tv I have, I have a life thats outside sitting looking at a screen when i get home I do enough of this in my day job. As for the broadband speed, I do not game online, and quite frankly I can stream quite happily on 30mb never mind the 100mb in my package, and they are offering me more, whats the point?

I would genuinely love to stay with virgin as my service has been exceptional, but even at £65 the price is simply not worth it anymore. I am getting basically freeview tv, a voip line which is not used, and 100mb broadband

I would do better getting an ariel installed, on my smart tv and going with a cheaper network now


Knows their stuff

If you really want to stay you will need to do the dance but be clear that you only need M100 and no longer need the landline or TV. Remain firm. Tell them you know you can get BT for £36 and will switch if they can't do better. 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).