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An monthly cost increase and change to contract just in one day

Joining in
I called Virgin yesterday (05.04.24) and the agent added a landline rental to my package. She told me that the monthly cost is £31 and there is a one-off cost of £35 for the phone. I agreed with the changes. Then she sent me the contract, I reviewed and confirmed happy to go ahead.
However, all of the sudden this morning I received a new email and Virgin increased the monthly cost to £xx. I really don't like this because agreement should be agreement. I clicked a speaker button "Contact us" on the bottom, which brought me to send an enquiry to <>. However, I immediately received a Failure Notice after sending the enquiry.
I called the customer team again and they don't know how such thing happens either. They think it may be an automatic price increase notification email sent by Virgin and my cost should be still £31. However, after hanging up the call I thought it shouldn't be like that because the email also includes a new contract, which is different from the one received yesterday.
I don't want to waste more time speaking to the customer service. Can anyone tell me how I can completely resolve such issue? Thanks.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello seaedge312


Sorry to hear of the confusion around the recent change to your contract and then the difference in price, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


We can see you have spoken to the team and discussed this since posting, were they able to clarify or offer a resolution during the call? Let us know.



Hi Rob,

Thanks for your reply. I have not received a payment schedule yet so will check the bills for April/May/June to confirm the costs. If everything matches the original contract then I believe the second email was wrongly sent. I will get back on this topic in a few weeks.

Keep us posted @seaedge312 

Forum Team

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