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After help with astronomical bills

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Long story short my father has been ill for quite a long time and now he's in hospital and I'm trying to help my mother with the bills. He's been a virgin media customer for a very long time, his virgin email ends in! yet for a very long time his bills have been huge, I can look as far back as March 2023 where his bill was £283 Overdue with a late payment fee (which is on every single bill because he's been struggling with the payments with him being unwell) His current bill for this month is £355! 

I've spoken to a few people trying to get help but not knowing the memorable word made it difficult but as the accounts in my mums name (dunno why) they talked to her then would talk to me and told me they can't help me until I've payed the owed bill of £179.

Can anyone offer advice or help? Do we really have to pay this bill before we can either drop the cost substantially or cancel.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Most contracts run for a fixed term of 18 months, after which any discounts run out & you pay the “going” rate on a rolling month basis. Therefore to keep costs down you need to renew for another fixed term in order to go back on discounted rates. No doubt what has happened is the contract has not been renegotiated with Virgin, which results in ever increasing prices.

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Thanks for the replies. Seems the bills are always overlapping so the £355 is last month and this month, his weekly cost is £176 but that's still soo high, one of my friends who's with virgin is paying less then half that for a better package. And this has been going on for potentially years, makes me feel so sorry for my old man. Does virgin not value there loyal customers? Surely they should have tried to correct this.

I was hoping to have his debt cleared and a fresh start because of how much over he's been paying but I guess that's wishful thinking.