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After finishing a Volt deal, is it possible to cancel my O2 SIM?

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I did the standard phone dance of threatening to cancel when my broadband package was up for renewal, and this time I got an offer of 1Gb for £30 per month instead. My Virgin bill comes to £24 monthly, and they also arranged for me to have an O2 SIM card, which costs £6 monthly, on a separate contract. Would it be possible to go to the phone plan and save £6 a month instead of the broadband and SIM? I don't need the 02 SIM. I risk losing the deal if they find out. I have yet to activate the SIM card, despite its arrival six days ago. It appears that my broadband contract makes no reference to the SIM card.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Emilybrad.

Thanks for your post.

I can see you have posted here as well, Ideally it's best to keep all questions on one post so it doesn't complicate matters.

The broadband plan is separate to the SIM plan. If you decided to cancel the SIm then the broadband deal would not be applicable at £26  a month.

You do have 14 days cooling off period if that helps.

Sadly package changes are out of the support scope we offer on our community.

It would be best to contact us on the usual channels here