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Account not updated after agreeing contract change.

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Hi all.

My mums previous contract ended recently and after seeing a very steep rise in cost we called VM on Tuesday to either leave or preferably negotiate a new deal. This is even more important now as my father died last month so the household income has effectively halved.

I explained our situation to retentions and initially they were not helpful at all as the minimum price they said they could offer was still over £40 more than we had been paying. So I said we will leave and they said they would pass me on to the department that will cancel our services.

Well, they didn't. They passed me onto another retentions rep who went through the same questions, and 'please hold while they sort the best deal' etc. They came back to me offering a contract for £16 more for the same stuff we had, so in a hurry to get off the phone (was over 40 minutes by then and I needed to go somewhere) I glanced over the pre contract that was emailed and agreed.

Unfortunately it was only after that I saw what had been removed. Sky Cinema, sports and Netflix all removed from my services within a hour or so, none of which was mentioned by the rep. So we are expected to pay £16 more a month for far less.

Not finding that acceptable I called Wednesday to exercise our cooling off rights, cancel that new contract and leave Virgin if no better deal could be offered.

Similar as before the first rep wasn't helpful, and after telling them the minimum we require, broadband & phone, can be gotten elsewhere for around £30 to £35 they put me on hold then came back and saying the cheapest barebone service (no tv, just broadband & phone) was actually £11 more than we had been paying and over £30 more than I could get elsewhere. So I told then we would leave and the same thing again, department to cancel services is just another retentions rep.

This time though the rep was able to offer me near everything we had before, but about £8 more a month (no TN sports, which we dont mind). A quick discussion with my mum, a proper check this time of the pre contract and we agreed.

That was over day ago, but movies, sports & Netflix* are still down, no update to the account when we log in either. Shows the contract agreed Tuesday. So taking stuff away they did almost immediately, but putting it back on and nothing so far.

So if anyone from Virgin can look into this I would appreciate it. An explanation at least would be nice.

Also, seriously considering pulling the plug within the cooling off period anyway now. That is if I ever get put through to someone who will actually cancel the service.

*Netflix.  Normally Netflix gives you a bit of time to add new payment info before suspending access to their media but this was somehow done immediately. After prior experience I am not confident Virgin will send me the required activation link email in a hurry. Last time they removed their Netflix payment when the account was changed to my Mother from my Father it took them literally months & months to sort out.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey there @MSKelly Thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media forums. 👋🏼

I'm so sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had in relation to your mothers contract / renewal post agreement.
We will assist you on this and give the support where needed to get this resolved for you.

Just before we assist - do you have the pre-contract documents sent out to you when taking out the contract.
Please don't post them here - let us know and we'll be able to assist from there. 🧾🙂

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Yes, I do, both of them.

The contract information sheet number is: 100209778115

Thank you.

I will send you a private message now.

Please look out for the envelope in the top right of the page and pop back to me when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Thank you, have replied to your message and hope you can sort this out promptly.