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On our wavelength

In the bumph that came in with the new landline connector, it showed an address for SilentGard and game a .com address to set call blocking up. 
there’s just one problem, the address doesn’t work!

has anyone had this problem and have you found a solution?


Thanks for your post @anoyed, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear that the link isn't working. have you been able to try the phone number provided earlier in the thread from my colleague to see if you're able to gain support directly from SilentGard?

Kindest regards,


On our wavelength

The number 08009549046 is not in service 

why does Virgin still advertise this service 

On our wavelength

Phone number not in service 

Hi @anoyed thanks for your message although we're sorry to hear this.

Can you please confirm you've tried 0800 954 9046 ?

Many thanks


On our wavelength

Yes that’s the number I tried

just tried it again out of service

Hi @anoyed thanks for your reply, understood.

We're just looking into this at the moment so as soon as we have any updates on this we'll communicate things ASAP.

Many thanks


That's not the point. What's the point of putting a web address if it doesn't work!?  The date today is 31/09/2023, 8 months later than your reply and it's still not working.

That's Virgin for you! 😞

Hi sjbis11,

Really sorry you haven't heard back about this yet sjbis11.

I've chased this up and we're still looking into it. It looks as though the company has been disbanded, but we will be able to confirm once I hear back.

Kind regards


Joining in

What's the Solution?

I've had the leaflet today with the phone adaptor and the web site doesn't load!