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Constant "no number calls" since moving to IP Telephone from landline (Home) (Resolved)


My area has recently been migrated from landline to IP telephony which seems to work well with one exception.  My received calls report 10-20 daily calls from "no number".  There is no call made (no ringing) and no message left, just a report that "no number" called and a time.  OFCOM state it should be addressed to the provider and the Telephone preference service state they can do nothing with marketing or computer generated calls.  This did not happen until switched to IP telephony and has been daily since (coincidentally - I think not).  This appears to be a man-in-the-middle network attack and is therefore worrying (as well as filling my recent calls with rubbish).  Virgin media say they cannot see these calls, yet their system records it on my recent calls log. Anyone else having this problem or have a resolution?




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Knows their stuff

Ghost call on our log today time 63:19

It's not the customers devices it's YOUR system, so needs resolving specially when I've had 2 calls from faults saying they are aware of the fault and logged it and my model of phone used.

One asked me to purchase another make and model, no was the reply as why should we as this set cost us nearly £100 to get rid of the cold callers, and overseas calls which has worked from day 1 and had the set over 12 months with no issues whatsoever until moved to digital voice.

Maybe deploy free call blocker on all digital voice customers or something to see if it stops the ghost calls or free block withheld numbers since the ghost call shows no number all the time see if that stops them.

Either way the device is connected to your equipment that's causing it, swap them back and I get the problem goes away within seconds

As I doubt Virginmedia will provide a like for like phones, as I'm not getting rid of the call screening with call blocker as it will start the cold callers again.

I'd sack off the landline if that has to happen and all use our mobiles 

On our wavelength

Maybe we should all cancel our VM Phone subscription and swop to another landline provider who uses the old system.

Theeeennnn !, send the bill (the new provider sends to us), to VM for payment, now that sounds an idea !.

Resolved , that has got to be joke of 2023 !

Also, get your Forum team members to read the posts before they make idiotic statements that just inflame an already shambolic situation.


Ayisha_B Forum Team,

Your reply to @superloopy saying “Our Voice engineering teams have concluded that the "no number" issue is device specific and not a global issue” 

You are reading this from a script as this was mentioned on the thread by ModTeam on page 531.

With so many different handsets and you're  saying the route cause is due to sensitivity to power fluctuations received from the hub, this proves Hub 5 is at fault which we have all been saying on here.

Also on page 531 the ModTeam said the list of handsets we tested are: Gigaset C530A Trio Digital Cordless Answer machine, BT8600 Advanced Call Blocker, BT Decor 2600 v2, Panasonic KX-TGJ424EB Digital Cordless Telephone with Nuisance Call Blocker and Answering Machine, Quad Dect. Are they aware of these handsets that have mentioned by everyone on this thread? Please tell your Voice Engineering team of these ones.

BT Premium, BT Dec, BT 8610 Premium, BT46 Big Button,

BT 6660, BT Advanced, BT8500, BT8600, BTD93X

BT2500 Trio, BT6500, BT8610 Digital, BT6600 Advanced and 

BT4600 Trio

I agree with CEEJAYTHEDEEJAY, Resolved, that has got to be joke of 2023!

Perhaps that’s the intent - ‘P’ off the landline customers to drum up new trade for O2. In case you haven’t heard, new contract £20 cheaper for better service, but add £25 for O2 mobile contract which comes as a ‘free’ addition to VM contract.

so to clarify for the hard of reading:

  1. the government wants to retire PSTN Service (landline) 
  2. in compliance VM is moving its customers to IP Telephony (VOIP).
  3. VM did not tell its customers this has issues with some phone systems (despite this showing up in beta testing)
  4. VM were, and still are, unable to recommend telephone systems that do work.
  5. VM simultaneously moved people onto hub 5 (as this would provide improved service)
  6. VM eventually admitted it was an issue with the firmware, later adding power fluctuations at the router were being interpreted as missed calls by some legacy phone systems.
  7. VM tried to get phone providers to change their firmware, then asked their router providers to look at their own firmware.
  8. VM testing of some phone systems confirmed the issue and VM added they were “aware” of other impacted systems - covering those of us on this community with systems other than those VM tested.
  9. VM have indicated new firmware is required - later down the line.
  10. VM have marked the issue RESOLVED based on this despite no compensation for inconvenience, lost hours chasing them to provide customer services, or to replace phone systems, and despite the ghost calls still persisting daily. They have also issued deadlock letters and have outstanding cases with the ombudsman (who, by the way tell me they can only deal with procedural not technical issues, can only deal with individuals, not groups, and who have instructed me not to share any outcome in this forum).
  11. the net result is change your phone for some unidentified system that works, or change provider.
  12. in the meantime, VM continue to set up forum team members as sacrificial lambs to circle the wagons and to ward off marauding customers

have I missed anything?

Could not have put that better myself Chris_Myers !.

Just as a observation to add here about the abandonment of the Government of landline phone systems.
I have had BT Openreach on our housing estates renewing ALL the overhead phone lines and underground links to the Poles?
(these cables dated back to the 70s ,when copper was in short supply ,and Aluminium cable was used instead)
Do BT know something we don't?.

Hi @superloopy 

Our Voice engineering teams have concluded that the "no number" issue is device specific and not a global issue.

The route cause is located on the handsets’ sensitivity to power fluctuations received from the Hub. 
Forum Team

Thanks, i think everyone on this community forum already appreciated what the problem is.
What are Virgin going to do about it?
I am missing calls on my phone due to the number of no-name/no-ring calls being received daily which are filling up my
phone's call memory.
Are Virgin going to replace our handsets as, after all, this is not OUR/MY problem. Things were working just fine until VM
replaced my HUB3 with a HUB5 which was necessary to receive its GIg1 service. Unfortunately they never mentioned any
replacement of kit for the phone service, now switched to VOIP and for which Virgin urgently need to supply a compatible phone
under OFGEM's t&cs.


Late summer Openreach replaced all the 1960s telegraph poles in my father's road, ( the poles are end of safe climbing life ).

They came back a few months later and installed aerial fibre to the new telegraph poles and have open for sales of domestic FTTP via BT / Plusnet etc.

I agree the problem is device specific. The device is VM 's kit..

The number of logged “No Number” calls on my BT8610 handset since this Wednesday to Thursday with these times on the handset calls list.

11.37, 12.27, 13.17, 14.07, 14.57, 16.37, 19.57, 20.47, 21.37, 22.27 - these are on Thursday and now in to Friday, 63.07, 5.07, 5.57,14.17, 15.07 then it changes to 8’s 15.58,16.48,17.38, 18.28, 19.18, 20.08, 20.58, 21.48,22.38, 23.28 making 25 over 24hr period. 

As of this Saturday morning I have eleven No Numbers as you can see.


The light was flashing on the answer machine, pressed play and nothing, no message and no ringing. Pressed button to view and then delete those 11 “No Numbers” from the calls list and screen display showed “Not currently available”


Pressed every other button on the answer machine and nothing happened. I then pressed green button as if to make an out going call and saw this displayed on the screen.


I realised that the phantom No Number call was still active and although I looked at my phone at 8.59. I then switched off the answer machine and then back on and then able to see the calls list and delete all the “No Number” calls showing. As I was deleting them I noticed one phantom "No Number” calls timed at 8.28 and my thoughts was the length of time of 31 minutes my landline phone was not physically working and despite what the Call Guardian message was showing no further incoming calls or outbound call could be made till switching the answer machine on/off. 

This is the first time I’ve come across this happening and don’t know if anybody else has experienced it. VM,What concerns me is any anyone having to rely on a landline to make a call to the emergency services and can’t to it because of this. 

If Ayisha_B from Forum Team is saying “The route cause is located on the handsets’ sensitivity to power fluctuations received from the Hub” then the power fluctuations made my phone inactive for approx 31 minutes or it could have gone on for longer if I had not spotted.  This is not on VM. 


On our wavelength

Thats exactly what i am seeing too. Thes 'no-name / no-number' calls are hanging up the line for the duration as the phone ACTUALLY believes there is an incoming call in progress. This is quite serious now. Maybe a forum member could answer whether or not VM would treat a cancellation of my package in these circumstances as needing an early repayment charge as i am now considering leaving and going elsewhere. At the very least we should get a reduction in our overall package allowing me to withdraw from my phone service and reinstate it elsewhere if VM seem incapably ignorant of ways to fix. Quite easy ... they should provide compatible equipment to those fee payers affected.

Comment please VM.