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Constant "no number calls" since moving to IP Telephone from landline (Home) (Resolved)


My area has recently been migrated from landline to IP telephony which seems to work well with one exception.  My received calls report 10-20 daily calls from "no number".  There is no call made (no ringing) and no message left, just a report that "no number" called and a time.  OFCOM state it should be addressed to the provider and the Telephone preference service state they can do nothing with marketing or computer generated calls.  This did not happen until switched to IP telephony and has been daily since (coincidentally - I think not).  This appears to be a man-in-the-middle network attack and is therefore worrying (as well as filling my recent calls with rubbish).  Virgin media say they cannot see these calls, yet their system records it on my recent calls log. Anyone else having this problem or have a resolution?




[MOD EDIT: Please see post for an update ]

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We understand your frustration moof, the changes to the way our landline service operates wasn't made by the technician but was a company decision that is being rolled out to all customers.



So how by any stretch of the imagination does that add up to resolved?

Well now. I just checked back afterw two weeks absence to see what progress has been made and see that we are no further forward. Have just cleared my phones call log after it filled during my absence with 'no-name' calls so have no idea if i've missed anything of importance or not, In the words of a former prime minister 'THIS IS A DISGRACE' and needs to be fixed immediately. For info, yet again, mys system comprises a BT8500 Trio system and i'm beginning to question why we are accepting of this as a community, where's our compensation for this shambolic state of affairs??

@Chris_Myers wrote:

So how by any stretch of the imagination does that add up to resolved?

I suspect that VM’s definition of ‘resolved’ might well be to simply put their fingers in their ears, chant ‘la la la’, can’t hear you, plus push a reluctant (ideally new) forum team member over the trenches to make a post which does little other then inflame tensions. Naturally, they haven’t been given the time or couldn’t be bothered to read the thread and actually understand the issues, before wading in with a, possibly scripted, officially approved, response.

Just a thought!

I have a Gigaset AS405A Trio.

I don’t see it listed on the previous posts that specified some affected handset models.

Is there a brand or specific model within a brand that definitely doesn’t suffer? Don’t want to replace my handsets and still have the issue.

We certainly should be compensated, this is a ridiculous situation. We're certainly not getting the service we should expect at the prices we're paying. With reference to the actual phone calls, the time changes by a minute every few days, mine are all showing a 5 on the end now. Also, now we're on British Summer Time the clock isn't changing!!!

Dialled in

Just out of interest we’ve had Truespeed installed at work - very impressed - we chose 300mb option and we get 300mb downloads and uploads - ie not throttled.

Anyway they’ve installed VoIP but they have a small box called Grandstream in between the router and the phone. I wonder if this is something Virgin need to look into?? Does this filter errors that are showing up on our phones? When I get to work Monday I’ll try and update with model etc but looking online it looks like a ht801 from memory. Just a thought 

Hi @superloopy 

Our Voice engineering teams have concluded that the "no number" issue is device specific and not a global issue.

The route cause is located on the handsets’ sensitivity to power fluctuations received from the Hub. 
Thank you

Forum Team

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Gigaset E370HX on Hub5 worked perfectly for years until a few weeks ago when the ghost calls started.  About 10-12 of these calls every day (and night!).  All other voice calls in and out work correctly.  Being woken by a beeping phone several times a night is not funny.  BTW, switching the phone off at night is not an option ...

What was done to make the Hub5 start generating the "power fluctuations" ?


We will look to explore the option to regulate the route cause, however, this needs to be discussed with the our equipment vendors and may take some time to come back.

As always we will continue to update you along the way.


Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs