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Change of landline number

Joining in

My mother-In-Law is a Virgin customer and has been for many years. 

She is in her 80's and has early stage dementia. She is getting scam calls daily, sometimes more than 1 a day, saying she owes money. Only 5 or 6 people need to call her. Can I change the number please? 

I did have a device fitted that cut out all but trusted numbers that we inputted but this stopped working as the line no longer passes caller ID info. I have reported this but got nowhere.



Alessandro Volta

It might well be preferable to get VM to fix the caller ID problem IMHO.

When you get a 'new' VM number, it actually comes from a pool of recycled numbers from past VM customers. In past topics on here the 'new' number can sometimes bring with it its own problems of a bad scam calling history.

In any event, the scammers work by automatically dialling numbers in blocks so at some time, sooner or later, the new number will end up being called by scammers.

There have been quite a few recent mentions on here of caller ID problems when the phone connection is swapped to the back of the VM hub

Is the line not showing any caller ID at all (even when just a phone alone is plugged in) or is the caller ID present but the call blocker is simply not recognising it?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @yidders 

Welcome to our community forums and sorry to hear your mother-in-law is experiencing scam calls. We can understand your concern and want to do our best to help. Are you able to answer the questions posed by @goslow ? Also, how long has she been experiencing these scam calls? You may find the following link useful 


Forum Team

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The line is no longer giving any caller ID for any calls despite having unplugged the device. We have purchased a new handset as that was suggested to be at fault and still no caller ID.

This has been happening now for about 6 months.

Thank you for that information. We are sorry that caller ID doesn't seem to be working. 

We are happy to look into this. I will private message you now to confirm your details.