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Virgin Media Xbox Issue

Tuning in

Since Friday Virgin Media broadband has essentially turned my Xbox Series X into a expensive brick. Won’t sign me into my Xbox profile, won’t launch games, won’t sync data. This is happening to many people in Staffordshire and Virgin Media are not acknowledging the problem. This is only a issue for Virgin Media customers and people using other broadband providers are not experiencing these issues. Phone support at Virgin Media is not helpful as they insist it is not a problem at their end when it very clearly is. Whoever at Virgin reads this needs to escalate this issue and figure out what’s going on. I’n paying for a service that isn’t fit for purpose currently.



Has someone in your family used the VM Connect app and paused the MAC Address of your XBOX ?

No that hasn’t happened, this is a problem affecting every VM broadband customer in my postcode and it seems other people in surrounding postcodes. Like I said, lots of people have been contacting VM but they are refusing to admit any fault. All they say is “intermittent issues” in the area, but that doesn’t explain why everybody is having issues with only their Xbox consoles. Nothing else in my house is having any issues.

I appreciate your help but all that’s telling me is that out of millions of people, 20 odd people are reporting problems, which again, indicates that this is a localised issue with Virgin Media broadband and not a nationwide issue with Xbox Live.

Quite, it does not reflect the stance that hordes of VM XBOX customers are reporting an outage.

I'm experiencing the same issue, in the same area, and have spoken to several friends in the area all experiencing a similar issue, all on Virgin Media. This IS a virgin media issue.

Tuning in

I've had exactly same issue since Friday. Xbox connects to th internet and i can use you tube etc.  But it won't sign into Xbox live or Microsoft store. 

Xbox works fine when tethered toe phone.

Had an engineer out yesterday who replaced the router but didn't know how to fix it so just left. He rang me back later saying he's had an email saying that there has been quite a few reports of same issue and they are working on it. But still not working this morning. 

Ironically while he was there, we get a letter saying they are putting up our price by £7 but we can cancel for free as long as we let them know by the 28th. Good of them give me 4 days to sort it. I'm in staffs too




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Try running your Xbox via Express VPN (uses Smart DNS) on a months trial.?

This will bypass the VM network and give a different route to the Xbox servers.  Hopefully this will get you going until VM fix any issues.

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How would I connect my xbox to that? 🙂

I just don't wanna pay for an additional service whilst waiting for virgin to fix the service I already pay for, especially when they are actively denying there is an issue