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PlayStation 5 Upload Speed Very Slow

Tuning in

I recently purchased a PlayStation Portal (streaming handheld) and have not been able to use it because my PS5 console upload speed is too slow to maintain a connection.

My Virgin Media hub is in modem mode, connected to an Asus GT-AX6000 router. A speed test completed on the Asus gives an average of 90 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload. This is more than enough to stream up to the web and then down to the Portal.

On my PlayStation console the speed test shows 90 Mbps download but only 3 Mbps second upload. It is this very slow upload that is causing my problem. Sony recommends 5 Mbps minimum to connect to the Portal, and 15 Mbps upload for the best connection.

I am testing this with no other network traffic competing for the bandwidth.

My PS5 is connected via Ethernet.

I have tried connecting the PS5 direct to the modem (no GT-AX6000) and it doesn’t help.

With the GT-AX6000 connected I have also tried prioritising the PS5 and Portal traffic in QoS but this hasn’t helped.

I’ve rebooted devices and confirmed they are all running latest firmware.

I have read several other posts saying PS5 upload speed is very slow (<5 Mbps) despite the connection being a lot faster, but I can’t figure out what is causing mine to run so slowly. Any help would be appreciated thanks!


Tuning in

As often happens, as soon as I post on a forum I figure out the problem and resolve it. So ignore the above.

Changing from a wired Ethernet connection to Wi-Fi fixed it so there must be something going on with my network cables. For now will use Wi-Fi which goes against what I thought was the best network setup but it works!