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Online gaming

On our wavelength


Having a few problems with online gaming.  For a start my ping seems to be double everyone else’s I’m playing with and one guy lives out in the country.  I’m currently on ps5 and wired.   


Community elder

That BQM looks about right for a VM connection using HFC technology.

Other players must be on FTTP or older FTTC.

On our wavelength

In game ping fluctuating between 40 and 100 making the game near unplayable.  At my wits end with this broadband actually thinking of cancelling and moving to someone else! 

If you have FTTP in your area then it's a given to move from VM in HFC areas, especially for gaming.

I think it’s FTTP as they had to install it fresh from the main line when installing mine a few years ago as they never installed the access point for my property.  

Alessandro Volta

You're playing at a disadvantage I'm afraid.

What VM Hub are you using?


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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

On our wavelength

Hub 4 and have the 1gig connection 

@Colinwm86 wrote:

Hub 4 and have the 1gig connection 

Not FTTP then.

Well that’s what I was told 

By who?

FTTP is where a fibre cable is run to your home that the HUB plugs directly into. Only the HUB 5x uses this connection.

All other connection types use cabling designed to broadcast TV signals, repurposed to also provide broadband. This tech has higher latency and is more prone to interference.